Welcome to the Gourmet Cookie Shop Toronto.

About Us

Baking has always been a passion of mine, and with three children, I baked a lot. I have gained experience on baking for birthday parties, school functions, family gatherings, holidays and friends.

My kids always said, “Mom, you make the best cookies!!!” Before I knew it, friends, family were calling me to make sure I bring “The Cookies”.

I was encouraged, every single time, to start my own cookie business, so I took the advice of friends and family and I opened Cookie Scoop.

Our cookies are made from scratch, with no preservatives, wholesome ingredients like butter, brown sugar, eggs, flour, real Vanilla extract and good old-fashioned “love”.

Why are my cookies different? Simply because, I love what I do and I care!

My mission is simple but at the same time deeply important for me: to give you the Ultimate Cookie Experience and a smile on your face. When you order my cookies, you will be guaranteed freshness and quality.

We want to constantly improve our products and services and we do care about what you think. So please feel free to contact us, with your comments and questions.

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Our address is 76 Densley Avenue. Toronto, but the entrance is on Sheffield Ave / N/W corner of the building See map